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Septic Repair

Septic Tank Repair Services in North Georgia

The Best Septic Tank Repair Services in North Georgia

Freshwater Septic is a company located in Dahlonega and Dawsonville, GA. We offer the best in septic tank installation and repair services.
Since our first introduction to wastewater in 1989, we have been on a constant journey of learning and satisfying our clients. We use the latest technological equipment, and we keep up with the latest trends.

We have highly-trained technicians with plenty of expertise and experience to handle all your needs. From residential to commercial and industrial septic tank installation services, you can trust us to complete the job in time.

We believe that we can serve our customers with utmost honesty, integrity and quality services. For us, it’s never about how much profit we can make but how satisfied we can make our customers.

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Common Septic System Issues and Warning Signs

It is difficult to pinpoint what problems you will encounter with your septic tank. However, you can expect the following challenges:

1. Broken Pipes

septic tank repair for pipes

Broken pipes can lead to flooding or a backed up system. Pipes can break from old age, moving soil, improper use, and spreading tree roots. The warning signs for broken pipes include slow draining, restricted flow, and gurgling toilets. In some cases, the affected areas turn black with flies hovering around. Sogginess and bad odor can also be warning signs.

2. Damaged Drain Field

A drain field is as important as the septic tank itself. A damaged drain field can be caused by the growth of roots and being driven on by vehicles. To avoid this, always know where your drain field is located and avoid driving over that area. Some of the warning signs that your drain field has stopped working properly include slow drainage, rising water, increasing plant growth, returning flow, and developing odors.

It is important to note that these warning signs can mean anything. For instance, slow drainage can be caused by clogs at either ends of the pipes. It would therefore be wrong to jump to the conclusion that your drain field is damaged just by observing this symptom.

Hiring a professional like Freshwater Septic to inspect your drain field guarantees an accurate diagnosis, and no wasted money in futile repairs.

3. Leaky Tanks

Even the tanks made from the strongest materials degrade with time. Cracks begin to appear on concrete tanks and tanks made from plastic start to wear down. Leaks from tanks can cause huge problems. They should be fixed as soon as they are discovered.

Some common warning signs that your tank is leaking include a strong sewage smell, vigorous plant growth around the area, and pooling on the ground’s surface.

Scheduling a septic tank inspection after every 5 years can help spot or avoid these leaks. However, older tanks require more frequent inspections.

4. Broken Baffles

Septic baffles refer to the contraptions that are responsible for filtering out solid waste materials from the septic tank. Without these, the septic system will fail and clog. As a homeowner, you can expect that baffles can be damaged or worn out at any point.

They need to be fixed as soon as you start to notice the following warning signs:

5. Home Water Contamination

In many homes, septic systems are also on well water. As a result, constant water testing practices are vital. When your home water is contaminated, chances are that your septic tank system is also compromised.

Septic System Maintenance Tips

After installing a septic tank in your home, the next step is to conduct maintenance practices regularly. These increase the tank’s longevity and durability. The best practices taking care of your septic system include:

Septic tank repairs are normal. You can never be careful enough, and some problems are beyond your control. Even the strongest materials degrade and nature can always push its course against your will.

Paying for Septic System Repairs

For major septic work, you can contact your local Health Department or Environmental Agency who can suggest an affordable financing option for your project.

The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority’s (GEFA) water and sewer financing programs has low-interest financing for solid waste manufacturers. Your financing options include The Georgia Fund, and The Georgia Reservoir Fund.

Apart from the GEFA loans, you can also benefit from several grant programs dedicated to financing water and sewer installation and repairs. Septic tank repairs can be very costly. Taking advantage of these financial funding allows you to repair your septic tank comfortably.

You can contact us to learn more about septic installation and repair services, and get a free estimate!

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