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Septic Tank Services Canton GA

Freshwater Septic Services in Canton GA

septic tank services canton ga

Septic tank services are simple and professional when you work with the team at Freshwater Septic. Our septic tank company was founded on our family’s principles of honesty, integrity, and high-quality standards. That means that we provide residents of Canton GA with septic tank services that they can trust and that leave them with an efficiently working system for their home. Our experience in wastewater and septic services gives us the advantage of offering the highest quality services for all septic tank installations, repairs, and cleaning. Whether you suspect damage to your septic system, or need to install a brand new one, we’re here to offer you expert advice and affordable options. Providing the best septic tank services in Canton GA is our goal, and we strive to achieve it each day with each new customer. With us, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality septic tank system and highest care of customer service.

Septic Tank Installation Canton GA

septic tank installation canton gaFreshwater Septic is here to help when you need to install a new septic tank system. Whether you’re building a new home and installing a septic system for the first time, or replacing an old septic system, it’s important to use quality products and professional installation services. When installed correctly, a septic tank system should last for at least 30 years.

Before beginning a septic tank installation in Canton GA, Freshwater Septic thoroughly investigates a number of factors to ensure that the septic system is begin installed correctly. The location of the septic system is perhaps the most important factor in any septic tank installation. A septic tank must be installed where it can drain properly and won’t need to be dug or built on in the future. The size is also important and determined based on the size of the house and the potential number of people living there. Material of the septic tank is essential to the life span of the septic tank system, as different materials come with different quality and durability standards. The soil condition must also be considered before installing a septic tank system as rocky soil or soil that holds water can cause major septic issues in the future.

For professional septic tank installation Canton GA, call the experts at Freshwater Septic! Learn more about septic tank installation Canton GA.

Septic Tank Repair Canton GA

When Canton residents need repairs for their septic tank systems, they call the experts at Freshwater Septic. Septic tank repairs are simple, affordable, and professional when you work with the team with years of experience in the industry. We’ve helped residents in Canton GA repair a variety of septic tank issues, including broken pipes, damaged drain field, leaky tanks, and broken baffles. Our goal is to provide fast, effective, and quality septic tank repairs in Canton GA so that residents can continue to live comfortably in their homes.

How can you tell that your septic tank needs repairs?

There’s a foul odor coming from around or inside your house. This might mean that a pipe is broken and allowing the sewage gas to penetrate your home.

  • Your sewer is backed up. One clear sign that your septic system needs to be repaired is that the sewer is back up with waste and sludge.
  • You notice puddles of water above the septic system. Unusual puddles of water above the septic system could mean that the system is overflowing and in need of immediate repairs.
  • The drains in your home are not working properly. If your sinks and drains are draining slower than normal, or bubbling as they drain, it could mean that there’s a back up in the pipes and a repair is needed.
  • The grass above the septic tank is growing faster than the grass around it. When a septic tank is damaged, it often leaks water to the area above it, causing that area of grass to grow faster and higher than the areas around it.

If you suspect that your septic tank system is in need of repairs, call Canton’s septic system experts at Freshwater Septic! Learn more about septic tank repairs Canton GA.

Septic Tank Cleaning Canton GA

A common question that homeowners ask is “How do I clean my septic tank system?”.  Septic tanks typically need to be cleaned every 3-5 years, depending on the size of the tank and the amount of people living in the house. Cleaning a septic tank is not an easy or simple task, so homeowners should always consult with professional septic tank companies before trying to drain the tank themselves. Septic tank companies in Canton GA, such as Freshwater Septic, use a pumping system to clean out the septic tank. In every septic tank, there is a top layer of scum that consists of oil and grease that have risen above the tank water. Below the tank water there sits a layer of sludge that consists of solid waste. A professional septic tank pumping vacuum must be used in order to pump out this layer of sludge and scum and clean out the septic tank of materials that could clog up the pipes or damage the system.

When you need services for septic tank cleaning Canton GA, call the experts at Freshwater Septic. Learn more about septic tank cleaning Canton GA.

Septic Backup Canton GA

septic backup canton gaA septic backup refers to the problem of an overflowing septic tank, which can occur if the septic tank is too full or there are damages to the septic system. Homeowners usually notice the problem due to clogged sinks and tub drains inside the home, or the appearance and smell of waste in these drains. If you suspect that your septic tank system is experiencing a backup, call the septic service experts in Canton GA at Freshwater Septic! A septic backup requires professional equipment to repair the backup, and an experienced team to determine how to prevent the problem from happening again. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Septic Backup vs. Clogged Drains

A common question amongst homeowners is “How can I tell if my drains are clogged or if the septic tank is backed-up?”.  Both a septic backup and clogged drains can result in overflowing drains or distinct waste odors, but the problems require very different solutions. A septic system backup means that the septic system or septic tank will need repairs and maintenance, while a clogged drain usually means that just a few pipes need to be fixed.

Here are a few ways to distinguish a clogged drain vs. a septic backup:

  • The number of drains that are clogged or draining slowly can be a sign of the problem. If only one or a few drains are draining slowly, the problem is more than likely a clogged drain. If the entire home is draining slowly, such as the showers, toilets, and sinks, the problem is more than likely a septic backup that needs to be repaired by septic system experts.
  • If you experience an odor due to poorly draining pipes, the location of the odor may be a sign to the location of the problem. Septic backups can result in an odor outside of the home near the septic tank area. A clogged pipe may result in an odor only in the area where the pipe is located
  • Water pooling around the basement floor drain, or waste backing up into the lowest elevation plumbing system, is a common sign of a septic backup and not just a simple clogged drain.
  • If the pipes in your home are suddenly slow to drain after guests have been visiting your home, it could be a sign of a septic backup. If your septic system is not empty enough to accommodate the sudden increase in waste, the high wastewater volume over a short period of time can cause flooding in the drain field and thus a septic backup of the waste line into the home.

If you suspect that your septic system is backed up, call a septic system company immediately. A backup in the septic system, if left unfixed, can cause major damages to the entire septic system and costly repair needs. Call the experts at Freshwater Septic for fast and reliable septic backup services in Canton GA. Learn more about Septic Backups Canton GA.

About Canton GA

Canton Georgia is the major city of Cherokee County, and a beautiful community of almost 30,000 residents. This city boasts a rich history as the lands were originally part of the Cherokee Nation. Beautiful parks and picnic areas allow residents to enjoy the Georgia sunshine, and the short distance to Atlanta allows them to enjoy the big city as well. Freshwater Septic is proud to serve the residents of Canton GA with top-quality septic tank services. When residents of Canton GA need septic tank services, they call the septic tank company they can rely on at Freshwater Septic!